Basil Alfredo Sauce Recipe

Basil Alfredo Sauce Recipe
Summer on a Plate

BASIL ALFREDO SAUCE RECIPE? WOW! What a great way to add a unique flavor to this Roman classic. Sounds and tastes like summer on a plate.

When I went to my local green market this morning I saw a beautiful bunch of fresh basil and although I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it, I had to have it. The sweet aroma got to me.

Weekends are usually when I take time to make fresh, homemade pasta. So I started to put the ingredients together in my head for this basil Alfredo sauce.

This time I used my all purpose flour pasta dough with out the semolina and it was tender and the perfect match for this fettucini Alfredo recipe.

Did you know there really was a man named Alfredo who created the fettucini Alfredo recipe? Read about it in my history of pasta Alfredo page right here on this site.

So where do we begin?


Don't even think about replacing this Alfredo sauce recipe with margarin. This recipe is definitely not on your diet. This is a "LIVE IT" Italian pasta recipe.

Follow the basic instructions for making an Alfredo sauce recipe.

Basil Alfredo Sauce Recipe Ingredients:

  • 1 lb of homemade fettucini pasta
  • 12 teaspoons of unsalted butter
  • 1 cup of freshly grated parmigiano cheese
  • cup fresh basil leaves. Then pounded or run in food processor till blended. Just like you would in a homemade pesto.
  • 6 large basil leaves chopped
  • 2 cups of cream
  • Salt to taste
  • Pepper is optional

Basil Alfredo Sauce Recipe Cooking Instructions:

To pesto is to pound, which is the meaning of pesto in Italian words.

This is a great way to work out the frustrations of the week and rather then stick these gorgeous green leaves into a food processor, this technique keeps all the essential oils of the basil.

If you use my fresh homemade pasta recipe or use a dried pasta, begin by boiling so you can cook your pasta now.

Get a large saute pan and heat it on medium high heat with all of the butter. Just allow the butter to melt, not bubble.

Once the butter has melted, slowly add the cream and whisk as you add.

Shake a little salt and reduce heat. This Alfredo mixture will thicken as it heats. DON'T BOIL. This will burn the cream.

Dollop (isn't that a cool word for cooking? Dollop!) the pounded or blended basil into the Alredo, butter and cream, mixture. Slowly whisk together.

Just before you add the pasta to the basil Alfredo sauce recipe, toss in the additional chopped basil leaves.

Drain your pasta and add directly to your saute pan.

Remove the Alfredo sauce recipe from the heat and add the freshly grated parmigiano cheese and mix together.

The aroma of the fresh basil will fill the house.

Your pallet and tummy with go crazy over the fresh flavor of the basil and the richness of the Alfredo sauce recipe.

The only mandatory requirements are a glass, or two, of your favorite wine and a chunk of crusty Italian bread because now it's time to

Vivere, Amare, Ridere e Mangiare Bene
Live, Love, Laugh and Eat Well!

Do you have a pasta recipe to share. Just like this Basil Alfredo Sauce Recipe I will post it right here on this site for a whole page dedicated to your Italian pasta recipe.


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